CRM : Customer Relationship Management

To grow revenue you need a Customer Relationship Management application that helps you track sales activity—every lead, opportunity, and customer, especially when you’re on the go.


Sales force automation
CRM Systems enables businesses to streamline the sales process. The core of SFA is a contact management system for tracking and recording every stage in the sales process for each prospective client, from initial contact to final disposition. 
CRM systems for marketing track and measure campaigns over multiple channels, such as email, search, social media, telephone and direct mail. You can keep track of Sale Leads, remember when to call your customer next for his needs.
Customer service and support
CRMs can be used to create, assign and manage requests made by customers, such as call center software which help direct customers to agents. CRM software can also be used to identify and reward loyal customers over a period of time.
Appointment CRMs automatically provide suitable appointment times to customers via e-mail or the web, which are then synchronized with the representative or agent's calendar.
We are experts in implementation of CRM by figuring out your needs and organizational workflow. We have solutions for everyone from Big Corporates who are willing attract more customers or an Non-Profit Organization, willing to gather Volunteers or Manage Fun-Raising Activities.